Representative Hiroto wins NPCJ “Phisique Novice +175”!

Representative Hiroto wins NPCJ “Phisique Novice +175”!

I’m Hiroto.

As some of you may know, I’m taking on the challenge of a macho contest called Physik this year to see who looks best in surf pants .

In this article, we will report the results of the contest held on November 18, 2018.

The tournament I participated in was the NPCJ Legend Classic.

This is the last and largest tournament of this year’s contest tour, held by NPCJ, one of the largest organizations in the Japanese contest industry .

In order to participate in the Legend Classic, it is necessary to participate in the NPCJ Contest Tour by then, so first-timers cannot challenge this tournament.

In other words, it is a gathering of veteran warriors.

What am I doing in such a competition?

We were able to win! ! ! !

The winning category is Men’s Phisique Novice +175, a so-called

“Rookie Champion Decision Battle”

I was able to shine as a Champion in my second attempt at the contest.

I am really happy that I was able to achieve such a great result with the support of so many people.

In particular, all members have special thoughts. Everyone’s hard work became my motivation, and thanks to everyone’s warm words, I was able to overcome difficult times and times when I felt discouraged.

Now it’s my turn to be your support and motivation.

We will reflect the latest body building method that was able to win this time in the workout and diet management of BulkyFitness and will continue to update it to a more effective and more enjoyable body makeup plan.

My challenge is not over yet.

Next, we plan to go out into the world .

Of course, Bulky pose is also included in the pose! !

In the midst of that challenge, I will study and study more and more.

And if all the members receive the latest feedback and it leads to the best results, as a BulkyFitness trainer and a physique competitor, I couldn’t be happier.

I would like to turn the members’ support into my own strength, and continue to do my best to give back to the members the results that I have achieved.

Thank you for your continued support! ! !