Parti leader Erina-san came to experience it!

Parti leader Erina-san came to experience it!

If you are inexperienced in personal gym experience or training, you may be a little worried even if you are interested, right?
Bulk Fitness is conducting trial training so that even such people can join with peace of mind!

Nice point of experience training!

① You can come empty-handed because we rent out shoes and clothes for free!

② Provide supplements!
Take supplements before, during and after training to maximize your training effect!

③Body scan will be performed using a professional body composition measuring instrument called In body, and we will listen to your worries about body makeup, diet, lifestyle, etc.!

Do you know Singapore’s famous free paper “parti”?
More details will be covered in the October issue parti!

Parti Reader Erina reports from a female perspective! I’m actually trying trial training titled!
We also have some great campaign information, so please check it out until the end!

Details are also available on the web version of parti, so please check here !

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