Introducing the diet experiences of our members!

Introducing the diet experiences of our members!

Ms. Yuka Aoki, who is also a member of Bulky Fitness, actually wrote about her diet experience on her official blog.
What’s more, it has become a series, and this time I will share the first and second episodes of the blog!

It is frankly written that you are not good at training and you can not do your best in exercise.
I’m sure that even those of you who think you’re not good at exercising can relate to it!
Going to Bulky, I feel like my life has changed a little ~Personal gym in Singapore~

And in the second blog, there was a story that overturned the common sense of various diets.
There may be many people who overturn common sense in the same way, so please check it out!
The story that the first month has passed while the common sense of diet is overturned.

Actually, the blog is still continuing, so I will share it again!