Interview 6

“I ate more than before” but my stomach is relieved. Body make-up success even after entertainment!

Even though there are many entertainments that drink alcohol, we incorporate good diet control and muscle training to eliminate [bulky stomach]! With a weight of -4kg and a body fat percentage of -6%, the change in appearance is obvious. If you have the same problem , “I’m hungry after a long period of entertainment…” , please refer to it!



  • Body weight -4.0kg

  • Body Fat Percentage -6.0%

After training with Bulky

All 16 times (2 months) plan Thank you for your hard work! After completing the training, do you have any honest impressions?

I hope it wasn’t as hard as you thought. Training was fun every time, and it never bothered me to keep my potential!

Due to my job, I had to entertain a lot of people, and there were many times when I could not avoid drinking alcohol.

Was the training harder than you expected?

I agree! The reason it wasn’t hard was that I was able to see and feel that my body was changing . It kept me motivated.

At first, my weight didn’t change from 77kg, but my body line was clearly changing, so I thought, “Let’s believe and do our best!”

How was the dietary restriction you initially thought about and the dietary restriction you actually implemented at Bulkyfitness?

I ate more after starting the diet than before the diet! It was hard to eat, especially to get the protein. wry smile

I cherish each piece of advice, and my daily choices have changed, such as avoiding fried foods at drinking parties and choosing distilled liquor. You’ve never been hungry, have you?

At our gym, we don't just aim to get results here, but we think it's important to see how you can continue from here. Do you think you will be able to continue your diet and training on your own?

I agree.

As for my diet, I’m thinking of increasing my intake of carbohydrates a little more, but I think I’ll automatically continue to avoid fried foods and choose distilled spirits.

I’ve come to pay more attention to food labels, and I think I’ll be able to continue taking foods knowing what’s in what and how much in the future!

It’s great that you now know what to choose for yourself.

In terms of training, I started by increasing my overall muscle mass and raising my metabolism, but now that I’ve come here, I’ve come to enjoy working out my body parts. I would like to train not only the big muscles, but also the small parts to create a more balanced body.

I think there are several personal training gyms in Singapore, but what was the decisive factor in choosing Bulkyfitness?

I went to other gyms for tours and counseling, but Bulkyfitness was the one that attracted me the most to the passion and energy of the trainers.

I think that there are many places where counseling is free for those who are worried about gyms, so I recommend comparing them.

Please give a word to those who are hesitating to join!

After all, it is very difficult to do it on your own, such as correct training methods and knowledge about meals . If you are worried about what to do, I recommend going to Bulky.

Considering the long life, I think the training cost is a cheap investment. Singapore is a particularly small country, so I think it’s easy to find time.

It changes even on Saturdays and Sundays, so I strongly recommend it to those who are interested.

It was very impressive that he was very conscious and controlled his meals even though he was drinking for business entertainment. He tried training very seriously, and despite the short period of 16 times, it was a wonderful result. You have proved that. Thank you very much for your hard work 16 times training!


Other Before/After

I was worried about moving my body after giving birth, but there was no need to worry!

I was skeptical, but I believed in it and decided to give it a try, so I chose Bulky Fitness.

I lost 6kg and lost 7.7% body fat!! Even though I was new to personal training, I was able to enjoy training without anxiety!