Interview 3

“Dad lost weight!!!” Achieved [Body fat percentage -7%] with a change that makes my daughter happy!

Achieved -7% body fat percentage! We interviewed Mr. Yamamoto, who has changed so much that not only his wife and children but also his colleagues noticed. If you’re around 40 and can’t seem to lose weight or body fat, or if you have children and want to be a cool dad, please use this as a reference.




  • Body weight -3.0kg

  • Body Fat Percentage -7.0%

After training with Bulky

All 24 times (3 months) plan Thank you for your hard work! Please tell us your frank impression after completing the training!

I took a personal gym for the first time, but I think I was able to enjoy it for 3 months. My lifestyle has changed quite a bit, and I’ve become more careful about what I eat, and I’m happy that I’ve been able to continue to enjoy it.

Will I be able to continue training on my own after graduating from this gym?

I agree. However, I’ve been committed so far, so I don’t know if it’s the same rhythm. It’s not that hard, but it’s fun to do, so I’d like to continue while changing my cardio method.

What made you start doing body makeup?

When I was in my 20s, I was very skinny and weighed less than 60kg, but when I turned 33, my metabolism gradually slowed down and I suddenly gained weight. After having a child, I quit smoking and was assigned to work in Singapore, so my life changed a lot, and my weight increased from 60kg to about 75kg.

After that, I went on a diet with dietary restrictions and aerobics, but when I got busy, I went back to it, and I thought, “Let’s change the way I do it a little.” That was the trigger.

Running aerobics is quite painful, but I don’t feel comfortable starting boxing or dancing all of a sudden.

How much have your results changed?

In terms of numbers, it feels like 70 to 80% of the target value, but in terms of physique (appearance), unlike when I did aerobics until now, my muscles are solid, so there is no change . I can feel it . Even my subordinates and family members tell me to change my physique.

There are many personal gyms in Singapore, but why did you choose Bulky Fitness?

I was considering several, but there was no decisive factor that “this is it”. A gym called Bulky was created just at the time when I was worrying about that .

The decisive factor was that rather than entering a place where I had been doing it for a long time, I would be more motivated to teach if I entered at the timing of “I’m going to do my best from now on.”

After actually entering, how was the training content, meal management, and facility content?

I’ve never done it elsewhere so I can’t compare, but I’m very satisfied .

They gave me good advice on how to eat, and since Singapore is not Japan, they gave me recommendations on places to eat.

The equipment in the facility was also neat, so I was able to do various training events and enjoyed it without getting bored.

Lastly, do you have any message for those who are hesitant about joining?

I think it’s difficult to say a message to everyone because I think it’s each person.

In my example, it was a time when I was 41 years old, and my life style changed, and my constitution also changed. In addition, I have a 4-year-old daughter, but I wanted to be a “cool dad” rather than a “chubby dad”.

When I actually lost weight and tried to build my body, I was happy to see changes that even my 4-year-old daughter could tell, “Daddy’s lost weight.”

For those who have children, it would be good to motivate them . think.

It’s also an advantage to be healthier by doing training and diet management . It also makes you realize that your daily life is not healthy.

In particular, people of the same generation as me have similar concerns and points that they want to improve, so I think that Bulky will solve those problems in a fun way.

This time, we interviewed Mr. Yamamoto, who has undergone an “obvious transformation” from his appearance. With a macro balance of increasing muscle mass and losing fat, the weight is -3 kg, but you can see the clear difference in appearance and muscle mass. Bulky Fitness not only helps you lose weight, but also makes you look cool! If you want to keep your weight and aim for a body that you can take off, please check it out!

Other Before/After

I was worried about moving my body after giving birth, but there was no need to worry!

I was skeptical, but I believed in it and decided to give it a try, so I chose Bulky Fitness.

I lost 6kg and lost 7.7% body fat!! Even though I was new to personal training, I was able to enjoy training without anxiety!