Interview 25

Weight 13 kg, body fat decreased by 20%!!

This time, we interviewed Mr. N, who achieved weight loss of -13kg and body fat loss of -20% after training 32 times!

My thoughts on diet management and exercise have changed completely since joining Bulky, and the appearance and contents have changed greatly ◎


  • Body Weight -13 kg

  • Body Fat Percentage -20 %

After training with Bulky

thank you for your hard work! It took about 10 months to complete a total of 32 training sessions, including [Package plan 16 times] + [Continuous plan 16 times].

There were days when I couldn’t come on a business trip, and there were days when I couldn’t control my meals at a dinner party, but I was able to say that I was able to get such results . Thanks to you for teaching me how to live !

In the first package, I think you went through twice a week. I think that there were times when you were training on your own because there was a gap in the extension with the continuation ticket and there were many times when you could not come in the regular span, but in that case there was no problem on your own. Were you able to train?

Basically, there were no problems, but there were days when I said, “Sometimes I can’t move well.” It was very nice to be able to ask ” How should I do this exercise?” I was. Even when I was on a business trip and couldn’t use the machine, I was able to receive appropriate advice such as recommending YouTube videos. During the 16 times of the continuation ticket period, there was a time when I was away from Singapore for about a month on a business trip, but during that time I was able to lose weight steadily!

I am happy to support you until you can train yourself! Are you satisfied with the changes in your body?

I agree! Recently, I’ve been showing my stomach at drinking parties and getting excited lol. Of course, the change in the appearance is also big, but I think that the change in the contents in addition to the appearance is also a point that cannot be overlooked. I feel that my physical strength is the biggest change . Get it all done, even between business trips and tough meetings. In addition to that, holidays are also becoming active. I used to be exhausted after half a day of sightseeing in Singapore, but now I have plenty of time to move around all day long. As my baseline physical strength has improved, I am now able to take on more difficult tasks at work.

What made you start doing body makeup?

The reason I started was very simple, the results of measuring my body fat percentage and weight were very bad . If things go on like this, I’ll be in a high risk zone for heart disease. I tried exercising in my own way and changing my diet, but in the end I couldn’t continue. After coming all the way to Singapore, my life changed, so I thought it would be a good chance for me to start.

The results are solid, but have you ever tried personal training for the first time and was it tough?

At first, the muscle pain was a bit painful. Until now, I hadn’t exercised enough, so my co-workers were worried about my walking style. However, having a trainer always with me gave me a great sense of security that I could minimize the risk of injury !

On the other hand, have you had any fun or joy in receiving personal training?

It was so much fun to be able to talk to the experts! I found joy in the fact that “this will change your body and give you results.” It would be nice to have it explained in a way that is easy to understand.

Did your thoughts on diet management and exercise change before and after joining Bulky?

It has changed by almost 180 degrees. Especially when it comes to food, I feel like I’ve been swept away by advertisements and information on the internet. After coming here, it became clear that I had been eating rice without really thinking about what nutrients I really needed. I also found out that it was one of the reasons why I was overweight. How should I eat when I come to Bulky, and how much is right for me? I think this is the most important point, but I think that knowing the amount of calories and protein that fits your body is a big growth point. My way of thinking has changed completely. Even if it says “good for the body,” I can now look at the ingredient list on the back and decide for myself by looking at the ingredients.

It's a wonderful thought. Looking at the ingredient list is a habit before you know it lol. As a result, you lost 13 kg of weight and 20% body fat. How was the reaction from those around you?

We’ve had an amazing response! It goes without saying that I have lost weight, but I am often told that I have become healthier than that. My sitting posture has improved a lot, my stiff shoulders have disappeared, and my body is well supported.

If the change in numbers is so large, there will be reactions from the surroundings! What are your thoughts on the training content and facilities?

Regarding the content of the training, everyone is at a high level despite the fact that they are being hit by the discretion of individual trainers . Recently, it is also available on YouTube, and it is even more helpful because I can do self-study and review while watching it. As for the facilities, it was fun because they had a lot of equipment that you wouldn’t find in a regular gym. I feel that “I have equipment that suits each level”.

thank you! Finally, please let me know if you have any messages for those who are hesitating to join or who want to go on a diet.

First of all, I would like to tell everyone who wants to go on a diet, “I think it’s painful, but you need to talk to an expert and find out why you’re in the way you are now.” increase. After facing each other, I think it would be good if you could work hard and say, “All you have to do is change it!” Talking to an expert can really make a difference . For the first two weeks, I couldn’t really feel it, but as I continued, my body changed at an accelerated pace. I’ve been doing it for 2 weeks and it’s no use. It’s not going to be, but it won’t change if you don’t continue for 1 months! Please feel free to talk to Hiroto. Even if you have a lot of business trips or are busy with work, I think you can do it because I was able to do it.

This was an interview with Mr. N, who succeeded in a dramatic diet and body make-up at Singapore’s personal gym “Bulky Fitness”. If you are looking for a gym in Singapore or are considering comparing, please feel free to contact us ◎

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