Interview 20

I was unable to lose weight due to repeated setbacks and almost gave up, but I was confident that I could change if I worked hard even from my 30s.

Interview with Mr. H, who went to Bulky for a diet. Mr. H, who continued to diet on his own and was repeatedly frustrated, but with Bulky, he was able to learn about proper diet and training knowledge, and his body changed. looks like it’s done!




  • Body Weight -17.4 kg

  • Body Fat Percentage -8.1 %

After training with Bulky

What is your honest impression after continuing training?

I am really happy that I continued.
Of course, there has been a big change in my appearance, but I am very happy that I have become able to make exercise and muscle training a habit. I failed my diet in my twenties and failed to lose weight repeatedly, so I almost gave up.

Why did you choose Bulky FItness?

I was looking for a gym with a Japanese trainer, and at first I had a strong desire to lose weight in a short period of time, so I didn’t think about the aftermath or health aspects at all. He gave me empathetic advice, including a long-term plan . is.

How successful have you been?

I am surprised myself because the results are better than I expected. I was very happy to be able to wear the clothes I wanted to wear without worrying about the size because I was able to go down about size 3 or 4. I have had more opportunities to have people around me compliment me on the change in my appearance, and little by little I have become more confident on the inside. There was a time when I used to run away because of my appearance, but I think the biggest achievement is that I started to take on the challenges I want to do without worrying about what others think, and gradually changed my personality to be more active.

Was it difficult to manage your diet?

Strangely, I didn’t feel that it was painful from the beginning.

I had the stereotype that you shouldn’t eat because you’re on a diet, but when my trainer advised me to eat as much as the macro values, I thought, huh ? is it ok to eat more? I was surprised with.

Do you have any dietary restrictions? I’m glad that I gradually got into the habit of thinking about balance in my life.

How was the content of the training and the trainer?

All trainers were very thorough in their guidance. They were calm and friendly, so I enjoyed chatting with them during training. We can teach you how to train at your own pace. At first, I thought it was going to be a hard one-hour workout, but even beginners were able to enjoy it.

Please give a word to those who are wondering whether to go to Bulky!

If you are worried about your own diet and health management, we recommend that you go to counseling once. I was hesitant about personal training because it’s not a cheap purchase, but rather than falling into a vicious cycle of self-styled dieting not working → being stressed → failing, if there’s an opportunity to get professional guidance close at hand, give it a try. No loss. The knowledge and experience I gained here will last a lifetime.

At Bulkee, we provide food proposals and advice that are well suited to Singapore, as well as training on original menus that suit each person. We provide correct knowledge and effortless body makeup so that you can continue to make body makeup by yourself even after graduating from Bulky, not just on the spot.

Please feel free to contact us for free counseling .

Other Before/After

I was worried about moving my body after giving birth, but there was no need to worry!

I was skeptical, but I believed in it and decided to give it a try, so I chose Bulky Fitness.

I lost 6kg and lost 7.7% body fat!! Even though I was new to personal training, I was able to enjoy training without anxiety!