Interview 15

“I can eat this much and lose weight” Achieved 15% body fat without stress!

Interview with Mr. Namioka, who achieved a weight of -5.7 kg and a body fat percentage of -7.8% .

I was able to achieve my goal of 15% cut with reasonable diet management and training ◎



  • Body Weight -5.7kg

  • Body Fat Percentage -7.8%

After training with Bulky

What is your honest impression of going to Valky?

I used to play rugby, so I had been training for a long time, but when I came to Bulky, I realized that my form was completely different back then. It accurately corrects even the slightest difference in form, so I was able to understand exactly which muscles are affected and how. In accordance with my wish to “build a body that does not get injured and improve my motor skills”, instead of just lifting heavy weights, I was able to put together an original menu each time, so I could train with peace of mind. rice field.

What made you choose bulky?

During the time when I couldn’t leave my house due to the coronavirus, the representative Hiroto was doing a free live stream on YouTube and I was participating in it. It was not a simple menu, but a different menu every time, and it was refreshing to be able to move my whole body even online, and I was very indebted. Besides that, I saw information about food knowledge and training on YouTube, and even before I joined Bulkee, I knew that “this is definitely the place” because of its “abundance of knowledge” and “persuasiveness ” . . That’s why I came to free counseling to say, “Should I start building my body in earnest?”


Obviously the appearance has changed, but what about the change in numbers?

I lost 6kg and lost 8% body fat. I’m really happy that I was able to achieve my big goal of 15% body fat! When it comes to dieting, there was an image of “strict dietary restrictions”, but I never set unreasonable restrictions. Rather, I felt like I could eat this much and lose weight, so I didn’t feel any stress because I couldn’t eat. I am glad that I went to Bulkee because I was able to accumulate knowledge about calories and nutrients as know-how for the future.

A word for those who are hesitating to join!

Looking at the numbers, it is clear that I have become healthy, but the best part is that I was able to cultivate the know-how to stay healthy . I’m in my mid-50s, but at this point in time, I think it’s really an asset that I was able to learn “correct training form” and “correct diet management method”. It is a gym that can be really recommended for those who want to “diet” and eventually “want to be healthy”.

Mr. Namioka started training again in his mid-fifties and achieved his goals.

When you hear about a personal gym, many people may have the image of being afraid of doing intense training, but we will proceed with an original menu that takes into account your physical condition, age, and exercise level, so don’t worry about that. please give me.

If you want to take the opportunity of Corona to review your health again, please feel free to come for  free consultation

Other Before/After

I was worried about moving my body after giving birth, but there was no need to worry!

I was skeptical, but I believed in it and decided to give it a try, so I chose Bulky Fitness.

I lost 6kg and lost 7.7% body fat!! Even though I was new to personal training, I was able to enjoy training without anxiety!