Interview 14

Achieved weight -8.3kg and body fat percentage -12%! “It’s how you spend your money that gives you the best return on investment.”

We interviewed Mr. Aoki, who achieved a weight of -8kg and a body fat percentage of -12% . When I first joined, I was reluctant to train, but now I’m completely captivated! smile

I think this interview will be very helpful for those who, like Mr. Aoki, are a little hesitant about training and diet management, so please check it out!



  • Body Weight -8.3kg

  • Body Fat Percentage -12%

After training with Bulky

What is your honest impression of going to Valky?

In a nutshell, it changed my life. I met Bulky just when I lost a lot of confidence as a woman because of the Circuit Breaker. Around this time, I almost cried whenever I saw myself in her photos. She prioritizes “hiding her figure” in the clothes she chooses. Now, half a year later, I am surprised that I am able to choose clothes with “cute!” as my priority. Every morning, I get excited when choosing clothes. In that sense, the change is big in the sense that every day has become fun.

Obviously the appearance has changed, but what about the change in numbers?

Numerically, my body fat percentage has changed from 32% to 20%, and the moment I meet my acquaintances, they say things like “I’m rejuvenated!” Lol By achieving our numerical targets, we have created a mindset that makes us want to try various things. It’s not just my body shape, but my physical condition is also very good, and it seems like a lie that I was so depressed. I think she sounds exaggerated, but it feels like Valky “supported me to achieve the future image I wanted”.

Thank you for your kind words! Are there any other changes?

Of course there is a change in appearance, but there is also a big change in mental and physical condition. I used to have days where I couldn’t sleep or my physical condition wasn’t very stable, but those worries have disappeared. I couldn’t wake up refreshed in the morning, and I used to feel like “I’m tired of work…”, but now I’m so energetic that I can’t help but want to work as soon as I wake up in the morning! is now stable. Also, all the trainers are good listeners, and I am healed by the implication that they are “consultants who can talk about anything”. smile

How about knowledge?

It is also very big that we are no longer influenced by the information on the Internet. Until now, there was too much information, and I often panicked, “I don’t know what the correct answer is…”. Do that and get frustrated. Do this too and get frustrated. It was a repetition of that, but I think it would be really easy if I had the conviction that “I should do this thoroughly.” And above all, I was grateful that he customized and gave me advice on “the method that suits me” and “what I should do on the current stage.” The “correct answer” differs from person to person. I was made aware of my “beliefs” and corrected my misunderstandings from time to time. And I laughed at my “preconceptions” every time. Professional is really amazing.

Was it difficult to manage your diet?

As for food, it’s more like “I realized my ignorance” rather than being painful . There were various discoveries such as not enough protein and dietary fiber at all when eating as usual, and taking too much fat. I thought it was common knowledge that you shouldn’t eat carbohydrates, but Bulkee told me to actively eat carbohydrates, so I was surprised. About this “diet methodology”, scales from the eyes! often woke up. What are my efforts so far? ! I often thought. smile

How about comparing it to when you were on a diet on your own?

I often thought I was on a diet, but in reality I was doing the opposite. It’s really scary not knowing… I gradually got used to meal management and enjoyed it like a game in the second half. It’s like, “It’s great to be able to take in a well-balanced diet according to your goals!” Lol And I was surprised, but it’s hard to get hungry when you’re getting enough protein and fiber! This was the first thing I learned after trying it, and it made me realize just how malnourished I was.

Was your training tough?

Before I started, I had the impression that training was exhausting, but that was not the case at all ! He designed the training contents according to the exercise level, physical condition of the day, mental state, etc., so I felt like “Professional is amazing!” Training information is available on YouTube, etc., but it’s information for everyone, so I think it’s difficult to respond to people’s requests such as “what do you want to do?” Furthermore, I was surprised that every time I did muscle training, there was a correction in “millimeter units”.

Yes, the difference in millimeters really matters lol

When I was told, “Put your elbows over here for a moment,” and I did as I was told, I could feel the muscles in the exact places I was told to be forged! lol I’m impressed. Also, in my case, “I just want to do something about my big butt! ” I was able to become! Of course, some people want to have big buttocks, but we will customize the training content to fulfill each person’s wishes.

How have your friends and family reacted to it?

Everyone I meet says, “You look younger!”, “Your face looks smaller!” People say, “The miraculous 40s!” Her daughter even muttered, “Mama is beautiful…”. I’m really happy. Lol Until then, I was very insecure about my appearance, but recently life has really become fun. Life changed like crazy in about half a year.

A word to those who are lost!

I think that personal gym is “how to use money with the highest investment effect”. I used to think, “How can I pay such a high price for a gym…!”, but I was completely wrong. LOL Now I think it’s a story at the level of “What do you do without spending money here?” Just do what you’re told and you’ll get results! I am keenly aware that “real information” is necessary to obtain maximum effect with minimum effort .

Also, I came to know the roundabout feeling of “doing it myself”. After all, it is a shortcut to seek professional advice. I want to tell you about my past. Lol lol Now, I feel that “being healthy means being free” every day. Depression is also a “physical reaction”, not a “mental reaction”. As long as you know that, you can always have fun. “When your body changes, your life changes” is true .

Facing your ideal body and taking yourself there is more cost-effective than you might think. Performance is overwhelmingly improved, and physical strength and energy are surprisingly increased. I want everyone to experience this feeling of courage! I really recommend it, so I would like you to experience it once.

Mr. Aoki, who has improved not only on the outside but also on the inside and in good health.

Mr. Aoki’s blog contains more detailed experiences, so if you want to see more detailed impressions and experiences, please check it out!

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