Interview 1

“So that I can take it off at a drinking party. I became a cool body even in my 40s.”

Interview with Mr. Tamada who finished the 3-month Bulky Course! Despite the short period of 3 months, the muscle mass increased by 4 kg! Even in his 40s, he has a “thin macho” figure, and has a body that is envied by both women and men as “cool!” . I received a powerful message saying, “Even in your 40s, you can change your body!”




  • Body weight +4kg

  • Body Fat Percentage

After training with Bulky

Thank you for your hard work for three months! What are your frank impressions?

As a frank impression, it means “I got a cool BODY”! I’ve become a body that doesn’t feel embarrassed even when I’m naked in front of people. . smile

Have you recently undressed in public? smile

I took it off at a drinking party. LOL A woman was also present on the spot, but it feels like she’s also cool. . smile

Have you changed your clothing size?

I agree. Before, I used to wear L size to hide my stomach, but now I can show off my body line in M ​​size. Some manufacturers now wear S size.

Do you feel like you can now show off your body lines with confidence?

I agree. On the contrary, it feels like “I want to show you”. smile

What made you choose bulky fitness?

There are several personal training companies in Singapore now, but when I looked at their website, I found that the instructor Hiroto had a cool body. After all, there was something I wanted to aim for. One of the reasons is that when I actually came here, I found a lot of equipment compared to other gyms.

After actually doing the training, how was the content and facilities?

After all, it wasn’t just hard muscle training, there was training that I didn’t get tired of using various equipment .

Do you have a message for those who are hesitant about joining?

I was hesitant for a long time, but I was able to get a cool body even after my 40s, so I would like other people to try it!

This time, we interviewed Mr. Tamada, who succeeded in body make-up in his 40s to become a slim macho who is popular with women. Even if you are in your 30s and 40s, and you tend to get fat on your stomach, you can of course crack your abs if you do the right training . Please feel free to contact us if you are a man who wants to regain his youthful body or want to have a healthy body just once.

Other Before/After

I was worried about moving my body after giving birth, but there was no need to worry!

I was skeptical, but I believed in it and decided to give it a try, so I chose Bulky Fitness.

I lost 6kg and lost 7.7% body fat!! Even though I was new to personal training, I was able to enjoy training without anxiety!