“Gahiko Fitness Communication Vol.6” Motivation story.

“Gahiko Fitness Communication Vol.6” Motivation story.

I’m Gahiko, a trainer at Bulky fitness, a personal gym in Singapore !

These days, it’s easy to get a lot of information online, but I hope that “Gahiko Fitness Tsushin” will be able to convey it in a simpler and easier-to-understand manner!

This time, due to restrictions on going out and the declaration of a state of emergency, I would like to give you some tips to keep you motivated for those who have not been able to go to the gym and have lost their appetite for muscle training .

What is motivation in the first place?

It seems to have the meaning of an opportunity to take action.
When we talk about staying motivated, I think it means to keep motivated and motivated.

Singapore’s circuit breaker is about a month away, and Japan’s state of emergency has been extended, so it seems difficult to go to the gym until the end of the month.
Even in the middle of the day, I wish I could tell you a hint to keep motivation.

What is muscle training for?

“Why are you doing muscle training?” “What do you want to be after doing muscle training?”
To be honest, I’m tired of answering when asked many times.
However, I can’t go to the gym freely like this, and I can’t do muscle training, so let’s go back here again.

“What are you working out for?”

“Diet” “Weight loss” “I want to gain muscle” “Bulk up” “I want to stay healthy” “I want to be cool” “I want to be beautiful” “I want to be popular” I think that the answer is different for each person, but think about it now. Please give me.

I think that people who are worried here have become completely routine and have become natural to do muscle training.
However, how about clarifying the purpose and goal here?

Then, have a clear and strong image of the desired visual. Having a clear image is important.

Anyone can easily create an image.

Also, when this visual becomes clear, imagine the changes around you at the same time after you have achieved it.
Your family’s reaction, your friends’ reaction, the opposite sex’s reaction, the way you work at the company may change, and your clothing size and what suits you may change.

This is called visualization, and it is almost always done by successful people, from world-class athletes to famous entrepreneurs.
It’s going to be long, so I won’t go into detail here, but anyway, it’s important to have a clear image, especially a positive one.

Now, if you can visualize it, all you have to do is go for it.
From here, I will talk about how to keep motivated even when you are on a diet, bulking up, or in situations where you cannot go to the gym.

Tips for staying motivated!

Once you have a clear “goal” in visualization, the rest is relatively easy.
Let’s see how to do it!

“When will I achieve 〇〇?”

Decide when you want to reach it.
For example, if you want to lose weight by 3 kg in a month, if you want to
increase your muscle mass, you can increase your muscle mass by 1 kg in 1 month.
“I will improve the number of 〇〇 by the next health checkup” Let’s decide the period
at the same time as the achievement goal as above . It may be a good time to wait until the end of the period of refraining from going out, until the declaration of a state of emergency is over. That might make the current situation a little more positive.

There are surprisingly many people who are out of their goals during this period.
Then, if you achieve it, move on to the next goal, and if you can’t achieve it, summarize the improvements and move to the same goal.
It’s better to prepare two goals: a long-term goal of 3 months to 1 year and a short-term goal of 1 month to 1 week!

Approach from both numbers and appearance!

When you start dieting or gaining weight, the first thing that comes to your mind is numbers.
Have you lost weight? Have you grown up? how about body fat? Especially during the diet period, it is easy to be overwhelmed by daily weight gains and losses.
I totally understand that feeling.

But don’t get too hung up on numbers .

I’ll say it again, but I totally understand how you feel about numbers.
Once you start a diet and set a goal and period, you can calculate the specific number of weight loss necessary to achieve the goal even on a daily basis.
If your goal is to lose 3kg in one month, that means a weight loss range of 100g per day, right?
It’s just that the human body doesn’t go that way.
Even if you take various approaches such as calorie control and exercise toward your goal, it will not decrease according to division.
Get this in your head first, that’s how it is.

Due to changes in the environment (diet), the human body improves its constitution and then loses weight.
Also, your weight will change as you repeatedly increase and decrease, and it will change depending on various conditions such as the time of day you measure and the amount of water in your body.
So, let’s take a look at the total without being caught only in numbers.

So what is total?

It looks and records.

Numbers only change little by little, and there are periods when they stop changing.
Of course, there is no sudden change in appearance, but even for people of the same weight, there is a big difference in body shape between people with less than 10% body fat and people with more than 20% body fat.
Many people don’t know this, but muscle weighs much more than fat.
In other words, if you prepare 1kg of muscle and fat, fat will be much larger in volume.
So it’s possible that you’re gaining muscle mass, losing fat, and changing your appearance (style), but your weight stays the same numerically.

Also, regarding body fat, which is a concern here, body fat scales that can be measured at home are quite rough.
I don’t recommend relying on it too much because it changes greatly with the amount of water in the body.

And human memory is ambiguous. Take a picture of yourself in the mirror.
Let’s look back at the appearance when the number does not change, and when the appearance does not change.

When you feel like neither of them will change, let’s turn to past records.
You should be able to feel the changes in just a week or so by keeping track of your numbers and the photo of yourself in the mirror I mentioned above.
Therefore, keep a record of your weight and body type.

Take advantage of external factors!

External factors are external stimuli that make you want to train, apart from your own goals.

For example,,,,
I want to wear new clothes and shoes, so I’m training!
Listen to cool music and lift your mood!
It’s a waste if you don’t do it because you drank supplements!
you can set a reward and eat only one delicious thing when you achieve something.
If you do your best, buy new clothes!
Try new training methods!
Something might be good.

It is also important to incorporate such external factors when the feelings for goals and purposes fade.

SNS is also an external factor.

The use of SNS may also be a way to maintain motivation unique to this era.
If you declare your goals and timeframe and expose the photos, you will have no choice but to do it, and it will be easier to gain the understanding of those around you.
I’m on a diet! If you proudly declare that you are enjoying your diet and proudly post it on social media, you should be able to maintain your motivation.

Also, I’m going to be a bit harsh, but is a friend who insists on going on a diet for their health, but who invites them to drinking parties or unnecessary meals really a friend?
A true friend is someone who waits for you until you reach your goal.

Also, making friends will help.
Now is the time to gather like-minded friends on social media, conduct joint training online, and then exchange progress via e-mail.
No need to be in the same gym or meet in person. Perhaps this is what keeps me motivated the most.

In addition, it can be said that it is easier to create an environment for home training when it comes to external factors.
Once you’ve changed into your favorite wear, watched training and motivational videos on YouTube, and poured supplements into your body, there’s nothing left to do.
When your motivation is about to go down, let’s take advantage of external factors!

Continuation planned. (with time to spare)

I’ve talked a lot about how to stay motivated so far, but the most motivational thing is to cram high goals in a short period of time .
Unless you have a very strong motivation and a strong desire to achieve whatever it takes.
It is said that you can lose about 3 kg in a healthy diet in about a month, and it is necessary to continue to increase muscle mass.
Let’s try to achieve a reasonable goal in a reasonable period of time.

And let’s have room in our hearts, if you say it, sometimes you need to skip it.
Of course, you shouldn’t take too many breaks, but make sure to push up 100 times every day! That goal seems a bit unreasonable.
With a little more leeway, on those days when you don’t feel like it, let’s go to the goal while skipping sometimes.

Balance is important. Let’s proceed within the range of “a little carefree, this seems to be possible” !

Change your mind set

Finally, a little bit about mindset.
Mindset: A thought pattern and psychological state formed from experience, education, and preconceptions. This includes tacit understandings, assumptions (paradigms), values, and beliefs.

The point is the thought process that you have inside yourself .

I think the general mindset of the world is that dieting is hard and gaining weight is hard.

Enjoy the changes!

What do you eat to change your weight?
What ingredients are suitable for health and diet, and what kind of dishes are there?
What is effective training?
Now that you can’t go to the gym, it’s time to improve your bodyweight training form.

There are many other positive ideas.
You can also collect information on SNS.

If you think about that, there is no room for thinking that it is painful, exhausting, and you can’t go to the gym.


The summary of this time is

  1. Let’s clarify the purpose of what muscle training is for!
  2. A clear image of what you want to achieve!
  3. Set a deadline to reach your goal!
  4. Approach from the total of numbers, appearance and records!
  5. Let’s make good use of external factors and SNS!
  6. Continuation is planned and within an unreasonable range.

It’s been a bit of a summary, but if you don’t focus on the hard parts and try to enjoy what you can do now and positive changes, you’ll be able to continue unexpectedly. So I think the feeling of being spicy will disappear!

However, it is never easy to make changes in the body such as dieting and weight gain.
Appropriate awareness is required. What do you do to keep yourself motivated? That’s what I was talking about.
I hope this helps!

“Gahiko Fitness Communication” will be distributed regularly, so please feel free to comment if you have any questions or problems about fitness!
We will also answer the questions that everyone has always wondered!

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