“Gahiko Fitness Communication Vol.4” Now that’s why I’m picky about breakfast!

“Gahiko Fitness Communication Vol.4” Now that’s why I’m picky about breakfast!

I’m Gahiko, a trainer at Bulky fitness, a personal gym in Singapore !

These days, it’s easy to get a lot of information on the internet, but I hope that “Gahiko Fitness Tsushin” will be able to convey it in a simpler and easier-to-understand manner!

This time it’s about working from home, shortened working hours, and breakfast, which tends to get messed up in the current situation!

On the Importance of Breakfast

Are you eating breakfast?
I’m busy getting ready for work every day, and I don’t have time to eat!
Even now that I’m working from home, my life rhythm is disturbed and irregular, and I can’t have a leisurely breakfast!
Isn’t there a lot of people like that?
It’s hard to say that I always get up early in the morning and eat a good breakfast every day. . .

This time I will talk about the importance of breakfast with such a warning to myself.

Breakfast is so important!

Recently, some athletes and theories have appeared that say, “I don’t need breakfast!”, but I personally have doubts about this.
Breakfast is important to take in the nutrition in the body that has been depleted while sleeping.

In fact, what if you finished dinner around 8:00 and didn’t eat anything until around 7:00 the next morning?
For as long as 11 hours, the body is in a state of not being able to replenish energy. This state of energy depletion is called catabolic.
If you’ve noticed that and had a protein shake at 11 o’clock before bed, that’s great.
However, it still does not refuel the body for 8 hours.

What if, despite all this, you skipped breakfast and didn’t eat anything until lunch? There is nothing scarier
than this for your muscles.

In fact, the morning is also the perfect time to break down fat. However, at the same time, the muscles are also prone to breakdown. To take advantage of this great opportunity, let’s eat a special breakfast!

In addition, there is also a nice effect called the second meal effect for breakfast!

So what should we eat from here? I’m going to talk about it!

Just stop doing this!

First of all, I will tell you what I want you to stop doing.
It is “bread”.

It saves time on busy mornings, is easy to eat, and is a very convenient bread, but I would like all trainees to avoid it!
For some reason, this is outright “fat” and “bad for health”.
There is also the fact that wheat is not very suitable for dieting, and most refined breads use bad oils.
A loaf of bread, sweet bread, side dish bread, let’s avoid this!

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Why you shouldn’t eat bread in the morning

what to eat

My suggestion is oatmeal.
Oatmeal is low in calories, yet it is a very good carbohydrate that contains “vitamins”, “minerals”, “dietary fiber” and “protein”.
It’s one of the best ingredients to prevent muscle breakdown while taking advantage of the big chance of breaking down fat in the morning.
With oatmeal and a protein shake, it’s relatively easy to prepare a very good breakfast.

Anything other than bread, such as white or brown rice, is OK, but I think it’s quite difficult to prepare these in the morning when you don’t have time.
Plus, oatmeal is more nutritious. Which would you choose?
With instant oatmeal, all you have to do is pour hot water over it, so it saves time and can be a very delicious breakfast if you devise how to eat it.

Menu example

My personal favorite way to eat oatmeal is to mix yogurt and protein powder.
The base flavor is yogurt and your favorite protein flavor.
Strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla flavors, which are popular as proteins, all go well together and are very delicious.
Moreover, just mix it in a busy morning .
It’s much tastier than the high-fat Western sweets around here, and it’s a breakfast that I look forward to every morning.

Instant oatmeal: 50-100g
Fat-free, sugar-free yogurt: 100-150g
(Greek yogurt is even better)
Your favorite protein powder: 1-1.5 scoops
Frozen blueberries: Appropriate amount

<How to make> Just
put all the above ingredients in a large bowl and mix. Again, just mix.

Frozen blueberries have just the right amount of texture and are delicious.
Berry fruits are low in sugar, but they are rich in polyphenols, vitamins C and E, and they also contain anthocyanin, a nutrient that can be expected to have an antioxidant effect, so I try to include them.
*Please note that strawberries are not actually berries.

If you don’t have much time, add 200-300ml of milk to each scoop of instant oats and protein, shake them and drink them all at once.
Even with this, if you think about eating bread, it’s much better.
And it’s probably the fastest breakfast in the world.

Oatmeal is not bad! Delicious arrangement recipe!

There are many other ways to eat oatmeal, so please refer to the following!
Oatmeal is delicious! By Bulky fitness
oatmeal, Japanese, Western and Chinese arrangement!
How to eat oatmeal like this! ? By Keizo KitchenIn
that powder! ?
Such a Western-style arrangement is also possible! And it’s easy! By Keizo Kitchen
If you want to eat deliciously, this is it! Cheese risotto!

*Oatmeal is high in protein, but remember, it’s a carbohydrate.
It is good to try to take oatmeal + protein (OK with protein shake etc.)!

What is the second meal effect?

Finally, what is the second meal effect that I talked about at the beginning?
I think there are surprisingly many people who have never heard of training experience.
In fact, after eating a meal that contains low GI foods such as oatmeal and foods that are rich in dietary fiber, that is, at lunchtime, the blood sugar level does not rise easily.

Let’s say you eat oatmeal for breakfast and choose white rice for lunch, which is a representative of high GI foods.
In this case, since you’re eating oatmeal for breakfast, the fiber acts as a cushion in your intestines, slowing the absorption of white rice.
As a result, it prevents a rapid rise in blood sugar levels.
If you eat a high GI food such as bread for breakfast that does not contain much dietary fiber, the white rice for lunch will be absorbed quickly and your blood sugar level will increase rapidly.
The body will fall into a state where it is easy to gain weight.

If you take advantage of the second meal effect, you can choose your next meal relatively freely!
(This does not mean that you can eat anything, so be careful and use it wisely!)

Summary of this time!

Here are 4 summaries!
1. Stop eating bread!
2. Oatmeal is the strongest in terms of nutrition and time saving!
3. Oatmeal is not bad, arrange it in your own way!
4. Take advantage of the second meal effect and control your meals well!

Stick to breakfast and improve the quality of your meals for the day!

“Gahiko Fitness Communication” will be distributed regularly, so please feel free to comment if you have any questions or problems about fitness!
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