“Gahiko Fitness Communication Extra Edition” Training Introduction: April 19, 2020 YouTube distribution

“Gahiko Fitness Tsushin Vol.2” Benefits of Home Training!

I’m Gahiko, a trainer at Bulky fitness, a personal gym in Singapore !

These days, it’s easy to get a lot of information online, but I hope that “Gahiko Fitness Tsushin” will be able to convey it in a simpler and easier-to-understand manner!

This time is an extra edition, a simple explanation of HIIT training when live streaming on the YouTube channel of Bulky fitness!

Bulky fitness YouTube channel!

Bulky fitness’s YouTube channel is a channel that delivers a wide range of fitness information such as live training, HIIT, home training, slow training, nutrition courses, fitness trivia, and more! Please take a look at it below!
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Among them, this time I will introduce a video of HIIT!
This time, I will briefly explain the training event during the live distribution that I was in charge of on April 19th!
You can jump to the video when live streaming on YouTube from the link below, so please try it! !
[For Intermediate] 🔥Hot HIIT training that burns your whole body hard at home!

What is HIIT?

By the way, HIIT is a hot topic these days, but it is read as heat or hit. It was originally called Tabata training.
This is an abbreviation for “High Intensity Interval Training”, which stands for HIIT.
This stands for High Intensity Interval Training.
High-intensity, intense exercise in a short period of time. Repeat the exercise by doing it with all your might until you are out of breath and then taking a short break in between.
There are many ways to do this, but the basic ones are:

20 seconds active + 10 seconds rest x 8 sets : 4 minutes total

It spread explosively because it can be firmly driven in just 4 minutes.
According to one theory, these 4 minutes are more effective than 30 minutes of aerobic exercise such as walking or running.

But, of course, there are caveats.
If you do it lazily and properly, you only have 4 minutes, so it’s completely meaningless.
Each set, maxing out your speed, and putting all your effort into it, that’s what HIIT is all about.
Only 4 minutes, let’s aim for the number one in yourself with the highest intensity!

There is also a nice bonus, it is said that the basal metabolism rises for a certain period of time after HIIT.
This is a nice bonus for afterburn effects and good weight loss diets!

Training introduction

In the video , we named it GAHIIT because it’s Gahiko’s HIIT !
Now, I will briefly explain the training that was actually performed in the live broadcast on April 19th.
Since it’s 4 exercises, if you repeat this for 2 weeks, you’ll have a total of 8 sets of 4 minutes of HIIT!
The introduction has become long, but let’s go to the explanation of GAHIIT!

1. push up rotation
Assume a normal push-up position.
Push up, straighten your elbows, and then rotate.
The target is the pectoralis major and core.

1. Take a normal push-up position and lower your chest and chin to the floor.
* 1st picture
2. After stretching the elbow and lifting the upper body with both arms, stretch one hand upward and rotate the whole body.
Look at the tip of your raised hand.
*2nd picture

Do this alternating left and right.
If it becomes physically demanding, you can kneel down and do the best you can!

2. back lunge & high knee
Lunge backwards and kick back with high knees on the same leg.
Target your lower body and abs.

1. Step backwards and lower your hips until your knees are barely touching the floor.
* 1st photo
2. Kick back with your back leg, then pull your knee up toward your chest with the same leg. Return the leg to its original position and repeat the same movement with the opposite leg.
*2nd picture

The center of gravity is 90% on the front legs and 10% on the back legs.
Be careful not to put too much weight on your back leg, as this can easily lead to loss of balance.
Alternate left and right.
Strengthen your core and be conscious not to shake your body!

3. lying arm circle
It is an event aimed at the back that is difficult to train with your own weight.
Lie on your stomach in a Superman-like position and pull your arms to the sides of your body, keeping your elbows straight.
Targets: Latissimus dorsi, teres major, gluteus maximus

1. Keep your arms straight and your chest wide and floating. Lift your knees slightly off the floor and tighten your back and butt muscles.
* 1st photo
2. Keeping your arms furthest from your body, move them in circular motions to the sides of your upper body. At the same time, lower your head slightly back.
With the same movement as it is 1. state.
*2nd picture

If the lower back curves, it will cause back pain, so perform it with the image of expanding the sternum.
Keep tensing your glutes (buttocks) and lats.

Four. side lunge

Lunges where you step your legs to the side, and when you step to the side, you lower your hips firmly and aim for the lower body.
Targets are the gluteus medius, quadriceps, and adductors.

1. Stand straight and take a step to the side while keeping your trunk straight.
(You can put your hands together in front of your chest, put them on your waist, etc.)
1 Step your leg straight out, point your toes diagonally outward, bend the knee of the stepped leg about 90 degrees, and lower your hips down.
The upper body is firmly supported by the trunk so that it does not move back and forth. If you can’t shake, let’s stretch your hands forward.
You can also point the toes of your stretched leg upwards.

Let’s do hip-up, lunge that can be expected to tighten thighs, and alternate left and right!

Today’s summary!

HIIT is the shortest, most effective workout, perfect for when you’re short on time.
No time to train today! In such a case, it is OK if you do HIIT for the time being!

This time, I introduced GAHIIT, which trains the whole body, but if you change the exercise, you can narrow down the target according to your purpose, such as dieting the lower body, increasing the bust of the pectoral muscles, shaping the upper arms, and so on ! It’s 4 minutes, so it’s good to do a few sets for each target!

Please try it while watching YouTube!
I’m sure you’ll sweat a lot!

We have explained in detail the basic exercises for home training such as push-ups, squats, and lunges in previous articles , so please check them out!
I will write another article about GAHIIT, which was broadcast live on April 26th, so please look forward to it!

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