“Gahiko Fitness Communication Extra Edition 2” training introduction: YouTube distribution

“Gahiko Fitness Communication Extra Edition 2” training introduction: YouTube distribution

I’m Gahiko, a trainer at Bulky fitness, a personal gym in Singapore!
These days, it’s easy to get a lot of information online, but I hope that “Gahiko Fitness Tsushin” will be able to convey it in a simpler and easier-to-understand manner!
Well, this time is the 2nd extra edition!
This is a brief explanation of the training of HIIT, commonly known as GAHIIT, which was live-streamed on YouTube on April 26th!

Bulky fitness YouTube live streaming

What is HIIT?
This is explained in the previous blog, so please take a look!
“Gahiko Fitness Communication Extra Edition” Training Introduction: April 19, 2020 YouTube distribution

April 26 YouTube Live Streaming Video
Please check the video from the link below, read the explanation, and give it a try!
April 26th delivery: Burn the fat of the whole body! Weekend HIIT!!

Now, let’s move on to the training commentary!

Gahiko’s HIIT, GAHIIT simple explanation!

This time it’s a GAHIIT menu that burns fat all over the body.

  1. Narrow push-up
  2. Gahiko style side kick
  3. Superman
  4. Front lunge & SS

The aim is to alternately interweave the upper body and lower body menus to increase your metabolism!

① Narrow push up
First, here’s an explanation of normal push-ups: Let’s Home Training

From the normal push-up posture, narrow the width of your hands to about the width of your shoulders.
The aim is the triceps rather than the pectoralis major.
Repeat lowering and raising until your chin and chest barely touch the floor.
Make sure your eyes are looking forward, not straight down.

The body is the same as the normal push-up form, so it’s okay to kneel if it’s too strong so that you don’t sway straight.
Let’s be conscious of moving big and fast within the range that the form doesn’t collapse!

②Gahiko style side kick

Normally, a side kick is performed by bending the knees, drawing the legs to the stomach, and then kicking sideways, but in the Gahiko style, the knees are not bent.
Keeping the center of gravity in the middle of the body, stand up straight and raise one leg to the side.
Focus on the outside of your buttocks (gluteus medius) and the outside of your abdomen (abdominal obliques) and swing up until your toes are at waist level.

Don’t let your body sway from side to side, keep your center of gravity in the middle by applying strength to your core and abdominal muscles.
Alternate left and right.

③ Superman
One of the core training, Superman.
If plank is core training that focuses on the front of the body such as abdominal muscles, superman is core training that focuses on the back.

Place your belly on the floor and extend your arms straight up. Gaze at your fingertips.
Raise your chest slightly off the floor, but be careful not to arch your lower back.
Extend your legs and raise your knees slightly off the floor.
Tighten your back and keep your back (latis dorsi) and buttocks (glutes) tight.
It will remain still for 20 seconds, but if you keep pushing hard, it should be quite painful.

④ Front lunge & SS
If you’re a regular YouTube live streamer, you’ve already noticed that SS is a sumo squat!
I’m going to combine this with the front lunge!
First, a detailed explanation of the front lunge can be found here: Lunge Recommendations!
(Sorry for the many links.)

In the sumo squat, spread your legs wider than shoulder-width and sink deeply into your buttocks (glutes) and inner thighs (adductors).
Your toes are more outward than a regular squat.

After alternating left and right front lunges, jump a little and spread your legs wider than shoulder width, then do a sumo squat and sink firmly and deeply.
It is important to do it in rhythm.

Front: Sink firmly to about knee height.

GAHIIT this time!

The above 4 exercises are an effective combination of training for full-body fat burning .
Burn fat with a 4 minute HIIT workout!

I would like to answer the question from the live stream this time, ” Which should be prioritized, speed or form?”
Personally, I think you should increase your speed and tempo as long as you can maintain your form.
If you only want to burn fat and strengthen your cardiopulmonary function, you may be able to focus on speed. However, I want you to improve your muscle strength as well as efficiently , so I think it is essential to do it within the range where you can maintain good form. Even if it’s possible to do it fast with bad form, it’s hard to say that the target muscles are being properly stimulated. If you can’t increase your speed with the right form , you’re at your limit now. If you improve your form and increase your speed, it will be the best exercise! ! Then, everyone, after reading the explanation and understanding it in your head, please try GAHIIT next!

GAHIIT will be held on May 3rd as well! We are waiting for you at the live broadcast, so please join us!

“Gahiko Fitness Communication” will be distributed regularly, so please feel free to comment if you have any questions or problems about fitness!
We will also answer the questions that everyone has always wondered!

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In addition to GAHIIT, which we introduced this time, home training and specific training menus using your own body weight, we also deliver advice on nutrition and meals!

Live streaming is also available on weekdays from 8pm (Singapore time)!
(Saturdays and Sundays are distributed irregularly!)
Live distribution allows you to interact with trainers in real time as if you were receiving personal training, so please join us!

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Have a good training life everyone!