“Easy” meal diet in Singapore. Introducing Bulky Weight Loss Rice!

Thank you all for your hard work.

I’m Katsuya, a Bulky Fitness trainer.

from a customer recently

“Give me a meal menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!”
“Give me a diet menu!”
“I can’t get enough protein…”

and so on. Since there were many concerns about meals, I will tell you the menu that Hiroto trainer and I usually eat for reference!

The theme is “You can lose weight and keep muscle mass just by imitating” . Hiroto Trainer is in the midst of rave reviews for the competition in mid-November, so if you want to tighten your body, please check it out!

*He’s always big, so it might be a little hard to tell, but he’s actually been in a weight loss phase and has succeeded in losing about 6-7kg in less than a month . smile

If you found this page through a web search, nice to meet you! We, Bulky Fitness , operate a personal gym in Tanjong Pagar. There are a lot of personal jokes, but if you are not a member and are thinking about body make-up and diet, please refer to it.

Easy meal diet [Breakfast version]

Let’s start with breakfast.

In the morning, there are generally two choices here.

①.Protein + MCT oil
②.Oatmeal + Natto + 3-4 eggs (fried eggs, etc.)

Let’s take a closer look at each!

①. Protein + MCT oil

① is very easy, a set of protein and MCT oil .

After waking up, I suddenly feel stoic about just eating protein, but I get used to it pretty quickly .

Also, customers often ask, ” Aren’t you hungry just eating protein in the morning? ” On days when I ate too much the day before, or when I don’t have much time, I often finish with ①.

MCT stands for [Medium Chain Triglyceride]. Coconut contains a lot of natural ingredients, and in a nutshell, it has the following effects.

①.It is digested and absorbed quickly, and is quickly converted into energy.
②.Helps in the production of ketone bodies (secondary energy source to replace carbohydrates).
③.Helps burn neutral fat.

There is an image that oil = gaining weight , but MCT oil also has the effect of reducing fat rather than gaining weight .

Although it depends on the type of protein, it contains about 20g to 30g of protein, so it is recommended for those who are worried that “Caromill’s graph is always lacking in protein…”.

MCT oil can be purchased on the world-famous online shopping site iherb . If you feel that it is troublesome but you want it, please feel free to contact us as we will purchase it on your behalf.

There’s just one big problem.

“I’m not satisfied with just protein…”
“I can’t feel refreshed unless I eat something solid in the morning…!”

I think it’s a lot of people who say.

Don’t overdo it. Patience is a natural enemy when it comes to diet and body makeup .

So we recommend ②. Oatmeal + natto + egg breakfast set .

②. Oatmeal + natto + 3-4 eggs (fried eggs, etc.)

We eat oatmeal like white rice, and add natto, miso soup, fried eggs, etc. to create a “Japanese breakfast feeling”. smile

I think most people would ask, “What is oatmeal?” The essential taste is the same, it feels like rice cake and has no particular taste. So I add miso and consommé to season it properly .

There is a feeling that you ate well, and the cooking itself is just a microwave oven, so it is highly recommended! There are various ways to cook oatmeal on the internet, but we add water to about 5 to 10 tablespoons and microwave it for 30 seconds, then 30 seconds, and eat it to your liking. . (* By the way, you can get it at local supermarkets such as Fair Price)

  • 50g oatmeal (5 tablespoons) – 7g protein
  • 1 pack of natto – 8g protein
  • 3 eggs – 21g

The number is relatively rough, but you can ingest 37g of protein with this alone. We add to this and sometimes add chicken or protein. If you add them, it will be calculated that you can ingest about 60 to 70g of protein at breakfast alone .

Easy meal diet [lunch edition]

Next is lunch.

Just by looking at the morning menu, many people must have felt that “Is it really necessary to have a stoic diet in order to have a sharp body like Mr. Hiroto?”

But don’t worry. After lunch, I eat normally.

This is the menu for lunch.

①.Local food (Hainanese chicken rice / gapao / meat bone tea etc.)
②.Salad bowl etc.

Let’s take a look at each.

①. Local food (Hainanese chicken rice / gapao / pork bone tea, etc.)

Since you are in Singapore, you can enjoy a unique meal.

Chicken rice, gapao, meat bone tea, etc. are good for body shaping and cost performance is also good!

Depending on the amount of meat, you can also ingest 30g to 40g of protein each. If you didn’t get enough protein in the morning, it ‘s even better if you add meat or eggs .

Some of our customers are careful and say, “I halved the rice!” The important thing is to keep going without stress.

②. Salad bowl, etc.

singapore diet
This is actually (?) unique to Singapore.

I think there are a lot of shops like “choice of salad bowls” in business districts. I often have lunch at these restaurants.

  • broccoli
  • sweet potato
  • chicken meat
  • brown rice
  • egg
  • Salmon
  • avocado

With this as the main axis, you can choose what you like and it’s OK! Please feel free to drop us a line if you have any ingredients that make you wonder, “How about this?”

Easy meal diet [Dinner version]

Finally, we have dinner.

If you assume that you are doing muscle training before dinner, you will rather eat a lot . On non-training days, look at the macro balance of your breakfast and lunch so far and eat whatever you like.

If you skip breakfast too much (or if you eat too much of your favorite food), you will end up with dinner, which is the end of the day. (*We have a strong desire to eat well at night lol)

As an example, I have taken:

①.Procurement at Don Quixote
②.Drool chicken

①. Procurement at Don Quixote

The Tanjong Pagar store where BulkyFitness is located has a nearby Don Quixote.

I want to eat as soon as possible after muscle training, so I often rely on Don Quixote instead of cooking for myself. smile

This is the kind of face I choose

・Sushi (salmon, tuna, etc.)
・Chicken salad
・Sweet potato

etc. Salmon and tuna contain a lot of protein, and the lipid that can be taken from fish is also good quality.

I think there may be cases where “sushi alone is not enough protein” in terms of the balance between breakfast and lunch. In such a case, let’s supplement with “chicken salad” . By the way, I don’t really like chicken salad because it’s dry. Lol so I often take “egg soup (for 3 pieces)” instead of miso soup.

*I just add an egg to about 1 teaspoon of “Ajiha,” which is delicious no matter how you make it.

If you want to take in good quality carbohydrates after training, don quixote’s popular product “Yakiimo” is highly recommended!

②. Drooling chicken (Mr. Hiroto’s special)

This is a recommended dish that I would like you to incorporate into your future menu!

Prices are high in Singapore anyway, but chicken and green onions are in the same price range as in Japan, so it’s a great value for money .

If you are eating chicken rice for lunch, you may get tired of it, so I think it would be better to have a different menu, but I would definitely like to actively include it in the menu. The recipe is posted in another article.

If you use about 200-300g of chicken sold at supermarkets, you can supplement about 40-60g of protein . If you can take a thorough meal in the morning, noon, and night so far, I don’t think it’s unlikely that you don’t have enough protein.

Bulky weight loss meal summary
The above is the menu that we mainly take.

The most important thing in the above

  • don’t take too much
  • don’t hold back
  • get plenty of protein

That’s what it means.

If you restrict your diet a little, you tend to lack protein, so be careful about that. Let’s adjust it gradually while watching the numerical value of Caromil.

Of course, it is good to have a goal of “Lose weight in 2 to 3 months!”, but we recommend a long-lasting diet management .

The above is just an example, so if you want to eat something different, go ahead and eat it ! In fact, we also eat what we like about once or twice a week.

However, if you discipline your regular meals a little, it will be easier for you to notice changes in your body and physical condition when you eat different foods. Also, the feeling of reward when you cheat (eat what you like) is addictive . smile

Let’s face the macro diet management method at your own pace!

If you have any other topics you would like us to write about, please feel free to drop us a line. It’s been a little long, but thank you for reading!

Next, I would like to write an article for those who say “I can’t get enough dietary fiber…”.