[Bulky News vol.6] Do muscle training make your arms and legs thicker?

I want to reduce belly fat. I want slim legs. I want to get rid of the fat on my back and upper arms. The first method that comes to mind for those who say so is “I need to eat less!” and “I need to run a lot and burn calories!”

In conclusion, this is wrong! !

So what is right? It’s not about “training to increase muscle mass and improve basal metabolism and drastically reduce the amount of food you eat”, but rather “choose what you eat, preserve as much muscle as possible, and reduce body fat only ” . By doing so, you can create a body that is easy to lose weight and hard to gain weight.


How to reduce only body fat?

So what does it require? that’s right. It’s muscle training. However, it is not unreasonable for many people to come up with the method mentioned at the beginning. Why? If that’s true, you see it on TV a lot, but a woman who wants to slim her legs doesn’t do squats.

Is this “muscle training makes you fat” correct? The answer is NO!

The act of “muscle training” alone will not make you fat or thin. Strictly speaking, the food you eat determines whether you get fat or thin.

So why do you need strength training? You might think that. I will explain in detail.

Muscle training is just a signal sent to the brain, and the way muscles are built changes depending on whether the food you eat exceeds or falls below your daily calorie consumption. For example, muscle training is a carpenter who builds a house. No matter how many carpenters gather, a house cannot be built without materials. In other words, that ingredient is food. If there are many materials, the house will be large, and if there are few materials, the house will be small. Of course.

It’s even more important from here. If you want to reduce fat, you need to follow the macro nutrition management and eat a well-balanced intake of “protein”, “carbohydrates” and “lipids” and keep your diet below the daily calorie consumption. But then you’ll lose important muscle as well as fat to generate the energy you need for the day’s activities.

That’s why strength training is important.

By doing muscle training and sending a signal to the brain that “this body needs muscle!”, muscle remains and fat is preferentially reduced. This will remove the fat and leave the muscle behind, giving you a toned and beautiful body .

Ladies and gentlemen, did you understand the mechanism that muscle training alone does not make you fat? If you want to lose weight, muscle training and eating! Please don’t misunderstand there and have a fun diet life!