[Bulky News vol.10] What is “Cheat Day”?

Have you ever heard the term “cheat day”?

Cheat days are one technique for leading a successful diet, but recently cheat days have been interpreted as a convenient reason for binge eating. This time, I will explain in detail what this cheat day is.

Cheat days are effective during diet stagnation

Cheat means “to deceive” when translated into Japanese. Literally, it’s a day to deceive the body.

Why do you need to cheat your body? That is, when you start a diet, your weight and body fat will drop smoothly at first. However, after a certain period of time, the changes in the body will decrease. This period is called the “stagnation period”.

The reason the plateau occurs is that your body gets used to the food you are dieting. This is because the calorie intake is low, so the body tries to reduce energy consumption as much as possible, and the basal metabolism slows down, resulting in an energy-saving body.

Once you hit this plateau, it’s time for a cheat day.

A cheat day is an act of increasing the amount of calories you take in and making your body think, “I’m getting a lot of energy, so it’s okay to consume a lot.” By doing this, the metabolism will rise, so changes will occur again in the stagnant body.

Points to note when running a cheat day

And cheat days have some rules.

One is not to do things half-heartedly.

I need to deceive my energy-saving body, so I eat as much as I can. Eat what you want without worrying about sugar or fat. It will also refresh your appetite that was restricted during your diet, so please release your appetite on this day. A good rule of thumb is to consume three times as many calories as your basal metabolic rate.

Next, “always only one day”.

If you cheat, be sure to return the meal from the next day! Otherwise, what you eat on your cheat day will be stored in your body as fat. The frequency of cheat days also depends on your body fat percentage. As a rough guide, 20% (once every 2 weeks), 15% (once every 10 days), 10% (once a week), 7% (once every 4 days).

Finally, as a major premise, cheat days are something you do when you’re working on a diet every day, and you’re sure you’re in a plateau . It ‘s not something you do with Unfortunately, the latter is often the case.

Let’s be moderate every day, properly incorporate cheat days to refresh our mind and body, and lead a well-balanced diet life!