[Bulky communication vol.4] Diet while eating what you like! ?

When people hear the word “diet,” they can no longer eat ramen, yakiniku, pizza, and cake. I think many people imagine that they eat carbohydrates, chicken breast, and broccoli every day.

Actually, you can diet while eating so-called “junk food” as mentioned at the beginning ! Isn’t it great to be on a diet while eating yakiniku and drinking beer? ?

But there is an important point . It’s ” frequency” .

What does it mean to be “fat”

“Being fat” means having more fat in your body. Weight gain, not fat gain . It takes time for what you eat to turn into fat, and although there are individual differences depending on your diet and metabolism, it takes at least 7 to 14 days.

Therefore, it is good if the food you eat is discharged from the body before it becomes body fat. Specifically, what to do is to ingest vitamins, minerals, water, and dietary fiber . You can take it from supplements, and from food, you can get vitamins and minerals from seafood, meat, eggs, and soy products . Dietary fiber comes from vegetables and seaweed . At least 2 liters of water . 3 liters would be ideal .

Restricting your “appetite” will cause excessive mental stress, and the diet you have decided to start will end in failure.

The important thing is to “get along well with your appetite”

I am also a person who loves yakiniku, pizza, and sweets, even though I write something pompous . Also, I am working hard on body makeup while eating them. However, I’m enjoying my time eating what I like after taking over the rules I set for myself.

In my case, I eat moderately for 6 days out of the week, and I have one day where I can eat anything . Thanks to my balanced diet, I am able to lead a diet life that is almost stress-free. By doing so, you can enjoy the taste of food more.

For those who are currently on a diet, and those who are thinking of starting a diet, first of all, dieting is not painful .

You can’t continue when you feel it’s painful. The important thing is sharpness .

Start by setting your own rules, even if they are trivial, and sticking to them. If you manage to follow even one rule, it’s proof that you’re one step closer to your ideal body.