[Bulky communication vol.3] Reasons why you should take dietary fiber

When you hear the word “ dietary fiber ”, many people think that it is good for your health or that you should take it somehow, but I think that there are few people who understand all the reasons. This time I will explain why it is better to take that “dietary fiber”.

What are the effects of dietary fiber?

First of all, dietary fiber is a detailed classification of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are composed of “sugars + dietary fiber”, so if you refrain from eating carbohydrates during your diet, you may end up with a lack of dietary fiber and your body’s functions may not work properly . Therefore, it is necessary to be conscious of dietary fiber intake even in the diet .

Why should you eat carbohydrate fiber?

This is because dietary fiber has the ability to moderate the rise in blood sugar levels . A sudden rise in blood sugar levels causes fat gain, so if you eat dietary fiber to keep your blood sugar level constant during your diet, you can prevent fat gain.

When eating, eating in the order of (1) vegetables (dietary fiber) → (2) side dishes (protein) → (3) carbohydrates (sugars) will increase the diet effect.

Next, dietary fiber has the effect of improving constipation and preventing constipation . During a diet, the nutrition tends to be biased, so it’s easy to get constipated. So by actively taking dietary fiber, you can send a healthy diet life.

Foods that contain a lot of fiber are

  • brown rice
  • oatmeal
  • cabbage
  • lettuce
  • Spinach
  • broccoli
  • sweet potato
  • natto
  • almond
  • seaweed
  • Hijiki
  • soy
  • Burdock

Etc. Eat these first when you eat, keep your blood sugar constant and suppress the increase of fat!

Finally, the word “ blood sugar level ” that often appears . This guy is quite troublesome in dieting, and in order to succeed in dieting, it is necessary to control this guy well.

First of all, when you eat sugar, sugar flows into your blood, and the pancreas secretes a soldier called insulin to break down that sugar. They carry sugar from the blood to muscles, liver, and fat cells, but if too much insulin is secreted, excess sugar that is not used as energy will be stored in fat.

In other words, when the blood sugar level rises rapidly, the insulin secretion speed is also fast , so the energy is immediately stored in the fat cells, making it easier to gain weight.

After understanding the mechanisms of blood sugar levels and obesity, let’s actively take in dietary fiber and prevent blood sugar levels from rising sharply! !