[Bulky communication vol.11] Is there a way to definitely lose weight?

Today I will show you how to lose weight for sure.

“Is there such a magical method?” There is!

It’s not magic or anything, the way to absolutely lose weight is to “understand the meaning of diet properly”.

Dieting is not a “temporary endurance” but a “habit”

First of all, I will explain the concept of diet that many people misunderstand. A typical pattern of people who can’t lose weight is “trying to go on a diet in a short period of time.” This is due to the influence of advertisements for diet programs that have become popular recently, such as “You can lose weight by XX kg in 2 months.” I will do my best. No, I think most people don’t have it for two months.

Because it is “patience”.

Patience always has a limit. Even if you work hard for two months and lose weight, you’ve put up with it for two months, so you’ll rebound in the third month. With this, the diet that I have worked so hard for has come to nothing. So what is a diet?

Dieting is a habit.

A diet is a comprehensive set of habitual behaviors such as eating, exercising, and sleeping. Two months is not the end of it. If you want to keep your ideal body, you have to go on a diet for the rest of your life. However, patience should not be born there.

Have fun with your diet

Everyone starts a diet with 100% effort. That’s why I get frustrated along the way. Of course, as soon as the full marathon starts, if you start running at full speed, you won’t be able to finish the run. So diet is about 60 % effort. You just have to spend your days thinking, “I can do a little more.”

At least once a week, you can eat whatever you want and stop. In two months, there may not be much change. However, in half a year, a year, or five years, changes that you couldn’t have imagined when you started dieting should be happening.

If you, the readers, understood dieting correctly and were able to get your ideal body, people who misunderstood dieting as something to endure would envy you. I’ll ask. “How can you eat what you like and stay in such good shape?”

Please answer this. “I enjoy my diet,” he said.