[Bulky communication vol.1] About diet and appetite ghost

Do you believe in the existence of ghosts…? I think it’s different for each person, but there are certainly ghosts that exist.

It is an “appetite ghost” .

This is lurking in everyone’s body, and if you encounter it, you’re in trouble. I’m going to eat anything indiscriminately, leaving it to my greed. The appetite ghost works directly on the brain, so you can’t do anything about it on your own, and you end up eating so much that you’re led to store up fat in your body.

Here’s how you might run into an appetite ghost, and how you can avoid running into that damned obesity culprit .


“Not eating” is not a diet

First of all, appetite ghosts appear in front of people who are on a diet. But that’s if you’re on the wrong diet .

For example, I haven’t eaten three meals exactly. Doing unreasonable aerobic exercise and not eating enough because the calories consumed are wasteful. Such an impossible diet can be done for 1-2 weeks if you do your best. However, humans have a self-defense instinct, and if the state of insufficient energy continues, the brain will send a command to the body saying, ” The body is starving! You must get nourishment! “ The result is that the diet that you have been working hard on will lead to a rebound.

That’s right, the defense instinct that humans have is the true identity of the “appetite ghost”.

In order not to encounter this appetite ghost, you need to change the way you think about diet. When people hear about dieting, many people think that not eating is the right thing to do, and that it is a constant battle against hunger. is.

Dieting isn’t about not eating, it’s about choosing what to eat.

Hungry and not spicy. By choosing what to eat, you can feel full, and the foods that are suitable for dieting are rich in dietary fiber and have a gradual rise in blood sugar levels, so bowel movements will be better, and blood sugar levels will rise rapidly. Since there is no change, you will feel less sleepy and you can be more active during the day.

In short, in order not to encounter “appetite ghost”, choose what to eat, reduce the time when you are hungry as much as possible, and enjoy your diet without stress . This is the key to any successful diet.

I will introduce you to the ingredients that are suitable for diet in the future.