Singapore are in charge of bulky training . Enjoy his training with a trainer who has a lot of experiencesuch as national rugby champions and dance contest winners !


Hailing from a sports background, Hiroto played rugby at the highest level, clinching two national championship titles during high school. He possesses a Sports Sciences degree from a national university and holds a Health & Physical Education teaching license on top of various other certifications.

As a personal trainer, he has plenty of experience, coaching over 1,000 people of different ages, genders, and sports backgrounds. He has even coached Professional Rugby and Tennis players from the National Japanese teams. He takes pride in utilising the latest Sports Science to help his clients transform their bodies.

One of his specialities is Strength & Conditioning for athletes, originating from his sports background. He has also competed in bodybuilding competitions, in the “Men’s Physique” category, taking 1st place at the 2018 NPC Legend Classic.

In 2016, he founded Bulky Fitness in Singapore. He also has a Youtube channel where he shares training information, tutorials and follow-along workouts!


Onji comes from a unique sports background, transitioning from a basketball player in junior high school to a dancer in high school and college. From his experience, he knows how to create a robust and explosive body for basketball and a mobile and flexible body for dance.

As a personal trainer, Onji started at a city-run fitness gym before moving into a private personal-training gym. His training philosophy revolves around making training enjoyable for his clients. One of his specialities is training for aesthetics, where he focuses on body parts that make your body look cool and attractive, regardless of gender!

He is continuously working to keep himself up-to-date on the latest scientific literature regarding training, diet and supplementation so that more people can achieve their ideal bodies.


Keizo is an accomplished rugby player, competing from elementary school until college. Breaking records, he was the first student from his high school to participate in a national tournament. He even maintained a top-eight placing in the national rugby tournament for two consecutive years in college. He has also participated in several Bodybuilding competitions in the “Men Physique” category, clinching a medal in his second competition.

Before working at Bulky Fitness, he worked at a major gym in Japan along with several other famous trainers. As an all-rounder, Keizo is proficient in dieting and training for both genders – bodybuilding training for men and hip-up training for women.

To help others with their nutrition, he has also created an Instagram page called “Oatmeal KEIZO”, featuring his original recipes which garnered the support of many housewives!


Keiko graduated from a sports university and has a long working history as a personal trainer. She worked as a personal trainer in the private, public, corporate and medical sectors. She also holds a health and exercise instructor certification from the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM).

As a mother, she specialises in prenatal and postpartum care for women, helping them stay healthy while pregnant and also helping them regain their ideal bodies after pregnancy. She is more knowledgeable about things unique to females, such as training and diet adjustments during different periods of the menstrual cycle.

She is also a Crossfit enthusiast, practicing since 2012 and has even competed in the Crossfit Asian Games.


Jiawei started resistance training after injuring himself during National Service and undergoing an ankle surgery which impaired his movement. While on his journey to regain his movement capabilities, he fell in love with training and gained more than ten kilograms of lean mass since then.

Recently graduating from NUS, he decided to pivot from his Sociology major and pursue his passion in fitness. On top of his experience coaching his family and friends, he obtained a personal training certification (NCSF, National Council on Strength & Fitness). He is continuing to chase knowledge regarding training & nutrition as Sports Science continues to evolve as a relatively new science.

In his free time, Jiawei enjoys watching anime, hiking and occasionally playing some computer games.


Graduating from an Australian college with a personal training certificate, Hayate possesses abundant experience as a personal trainer. In Japan and Australia, he conducted private one-on-one training and group fitness classes as a Les Mills instructor.

He has work experience in a supplement store and is very knowledgeable in recommending scientifically-backed supplements to support your muscle-building or fat-loss goals.

He currently trains in Crossfit and is adept in Olympic lifts like the snatch and clean. His speciality lies in his infectious energy from his group fitness class experience and helping clients challenge heavy weights safely.